The Wheel of Time: Age of Legends

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Age of Legend plans to act as a prequel to The Wheel of Time, set thousands of years earlier in the world's cyclical timeline, in a utopian society where a magical force known as the “One Power” (the source of all magic within the Wheel of Time’s world, harnessed by powerful beings known as channellers) spurs humanity into a new age of enlightenment. But when an evil force corrupts users of the One Power, forcing them to unleash a global cataclysm in a fit of madness, a group of women comes under the banner of the White Tower—the home of the Aes Sedai, the only all-female organization of powerful channelers in the Westlands—to become the world’s last hope for survival.


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The Wheel of Time: Age of Legends

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The Wheel of Time: Age of Legends
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